Executive Summary : Mission Statement

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Mission Statement: Our mission is to give people the time of their life and give our guests an excuse free environment.
Vision Statement: The Verdant – Where you sleep and make money.
Ownership and Start-Up Costs: For our business we plant to have a partnership where each person is accountable for his/her own obligation and money. We plan to share revenues with one another through a 33-33-34 dividend.

Exclusive Entice: Throughout all of our business ideas, we will always give attention to our visitors first and give them the time of their life. Also making sure everything is running nice and smooth. This is a common goal of pretty much any business, but we plan to make our business a little special, so they feel like they’re having the time of their lives. Products, Services, and Pricing: Our business will consist of giving visitors the time of their lives, as well as giving them a jam-packed gratification. When planning how to become successful in satisfying our guests, we will provide them with the best amenities to the most important features, for example the suites, food, and environment. Because not everyone has the same taste so we have to provide all types of our guests’ choices. We will advertise our business through social media, magazines, and billboards. Our payments will depend on the amount of how many guests come a year, and how much we plan to pay our workers. The owners will earn the highest salary, then head of security, and so…

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