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Executive Summary The company, New Belgium Brewery is the idea came in a mind of Jeff Lebesch a bicycling trip through Belgium. Started from a basement brewery in 1991to a proper built brewery nowadays with several branches. It earned a national wide reputation of good beer as well as community and environment stewardship. The sustainability plan that concentrated on saving resources for e.g. Purifying used water for reuse and electricity from natural resources. The founder of the New Belgium Brewery Jeff Lebesch and his wife Kim Jordon CEO of NBB nowadays operated this mission along with employees to provide their beers on shelves of the stores to public after sharing it to their neighbours and friends and they convinced them to sell it. His first two beers were brown dubbel and called Abbey and an amber beer named Fat Tire, apparently as a reflection of his bicycling trip. The company 's standard line includes Sunshine Wheat, Blue Paddle, 1554, Ranger IPA, Abby, Shift, Trippel, Rampant, Slow Ride IPA, Snapshot and the original Fat Tire Amber Ale, still the firm 's best seller and several seasonal creations. The company also raised its community profile and made connection between bikes and beer by establishing the Tour de Fat, an event in western cities that celebrates the societal positives of bicycle transport and the enjoyment consumption of European style beer. Theme of the bicycle continuously drive in many of the company 's community activities. Back in early

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