Executive Summary : Operations Management

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Operations Management is the process of producing and delivering product and service of an organization by managing its resources effectively. All product or service is the result of operating (input-transformation-output) process. Operations are process that take a set of input resources (material, machinery, information, and customer) which are used to transform something, or are transformed themselves, into outputs of products and service. And although all operations confirm to this basic input-transformation-output model. However, they vary in the nature of their specific inputs and output.

Since the main purpose of this assignment is to discover the operation function of any product an organization in facts and serious way, so that I can understand the activities involves on it. As a model of an organization I have chosen a product of MacDonald 's to do my assignment, which is Big Mac. Furthermore this assignment has given me the opportunity to diversify my researches and find out the how the production system works in an organization, Especially, about the MacDonald’s input – transformation – output process, how the operation function incorporate with the stakeholder objectives, performance objects, how the customer-supplier relationship incorporate within the operation process of MacDonald and how the new technology can be used to satisfy the customer needs.

Part A

The Big Mcg is one of the product of world largest fast-food chain…
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