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Designed to Grow... Sustainably 2007 Global Sustainability Report EXECUTIVE SUMMARY CEO Statement October 2007 marks the 170th year P&G has been in business. We’ve sustained our Company’s growth over such a long period of time by staying focused on P&G’s Purpose: improving consumers’ lives in small but meaningful ways every day. Our commitment to Sustainable Development, which we define as “ensuring a better quality of life for everyone, now and for generations to come,” is an important part of how we fulfill P&G’s Purpose. We have a long heritage as a Sustainability leader, and we remain committed to improving consumers’ lives through P&G brands and by contributing to the sustainability of our planet and the communities in…show more content…
Our quest for mutual success ties us together. • We encourage stock ownership and ownership behavior. We are Strategically Focused in Our Work Vision In addition to incorporating Sustainability into P&G’s Purpose, Values and Principles, we are renewing the Company’s Sustainability strategy and setting new five-year goals for our products, operations and programs. 1. We will build P&G’s business through Sustainability innovations that delight consumers while improving the environmental profile of P&G products. By 2012, our goal is to generate at least $20 billion in cumulative sales of products with reduced environmental impact. These will be big ideas, like Tide Cold Water or compacted detergents, where the environmental benefits are significant and obvious. 2. We will continue to improve the environmental profile of P&G operations. Today, over 95% of materials that enter P&G plants leave as finished product. More than half of remaining materials are recycled. Over the next five years, we • We operate against clearly articulated and aligned will reduce CO emissions, energy and water consumption, objectives and strategies. • We only do work and only ask for work that adds value to the business. • We simplify, standardize and streamline our

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