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The best authentic Italian cuisine has now arrived in beautiful city of Orlando, FL; with delicious Italian entries served buffet style come one, come all to the best Italian food in the city. Papa Geo’s Restaurant is an all you eat Italian buffet, which serves various traditional Italian dishes such as pizza, different pasta combinations, but also soups and salads. Papa Geo’s Restaurant is a 3,500 square foot facility of pure Italy, able to hold up to 80 customers the restaurant have more than enough room for families of all sizes. Papa Geo’s restaurant will operate within the hours of 10 am to 9 pm, 7 days a week.
With the population within our restaurant radius growing at a steady six percent per year, the company believes that this
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Customers also eat at Papa Geo’s due to the cleanliness of the facility, the speed of getting their seat and food, and the vending machines which keep the children busy while adults enjoy their meal.

Startup Requirements*

Given Costs * The cost of registering a limited liability company in Florida – filing fees listed at the bottom of the application for located at: http://form.sunbiz.org/pdf/cr2e047.pdf * Renovation of the facility expected to cost $15,000 * Business insurance, estimated at $1,000 per year * Health and other benefits are 20% of the salaries of the manager and assistant manager

Costs you should estimate through research, experience or other methods * Soda fountain bar * 2 pizza ovens * Salad and pizza/dessert bar * Approximately 100 square foot commercial refrigerator * 2 cash registers * 6 video game vending machines * Management office with desk and lower-priced laptop computer * Staff lunchroom equipment such as microwave, sink, cupboards and refrigerator * 20 four-seater tables with chairs * Busing cart for transporting dirty dishes from the dining area to the dishwashing area * 140 sets of dishes, including cutlery and drinking cups * Commercial dishwasher * Miscellaneous cooking and food handling equipment like trays, lifters, spoons, pots etcetera * The cost of an average of 7 employees on the

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