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Executive Summary Dating back to 1929, television has been viewed all over the world by millions of families. The impact technology has on television is phenomenal. Viewers have watched programs as silhouettes, outlines, with no sound, or black and white. With time, technology brought direct broadcast satellite to television. New Corporations Fox Entertainment Group, launched DirecTV in 1994. This company provided direct broadcast satellite nationwide and around the world. In 1998, DirecTV Group attained United States Satellite Broadcasting for $1.83 billion. The two main functioning entities of the DirecTV Group are DirecTV United States and DirecTV
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Any monetary item liquidated or exchanged for cash is known as an asset. Assets are equal to the total amount of debts, common shares, preferred shares, and undistributed earnings of a business. The three vital traits of assets are: 1. The probable present benefit involves capacity, singly or in combination with other assets, in case of profit oriented enterprises, to contribute directly, or indirectly to future net cash flows 2. The entity can control access to the benefit 3. A transaction or event giving rise to the entity’s right to, or control of, the benefit has already occurred Assets equate to business debts plus owners’ capital, which represents the mathematical structure of the balance sheet. Corporations document and manage all tangible assets of its entities using accounting tools on a balance sheet. DirecTV Group notes all assets into the following categories: • Current assets represent money and tangible assets that can be converted into cash • Long-term assets are items that represent real property, manufacturing equipment, and other types of business related equipment • Prepaid and deferred assets refer to long-range planned costs to support business functionality- insurance, rent or mortgage, and future loan interest payments • Intangible assets are

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