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Executive Summary Partex Star Group (PSG) is a large diversified company in Bangladesh that operates twenty manufacturing, service and trading concerns. They have two different areas – consumer durables and FMCG products. They have started expanding the business in India and Singapore as well. The leadership assessment of Md. Quamruzzaman, COO and AKM Tariqul Islam, Head of Human Resources revealed their concern to change leadership structure in the organization. Their goal is to develop exemplary leaders in the organization and adopt the finest leadership culture. The purposes of this report are to address the current leadership style within the organization compared it with the rest of the industry and to conclude if there is any need for improvement in leadership practices. Through interviews with top, mid management and some research we came to the conclusion that the organization is not effectively investing in development of the future leaders. There is a generation and communication gap between leaders and employees, which is creating productivity challenges. The leaders are facing problems to manage different personalities of the millennials and their expectations. Building an in-house Leadership Development Committee would help to identify and train future leaders. A 360 performance assessment tool would be one of the most effective ways to develop employees as well as it would help to reduce the communication gap. Solution for managing different

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