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SOLEMNIZATION GROUP Ltd. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: - INTRODUCTION AND SOCIAL CONTEXT: - India is very famous for its cultural diversity and incredible festivals and Mumbai being the financial capital there are people hailing from all states and there is an unbelievable mix of castes and cultures, people and their festivals. And therefore festivals are celebrated almost every month by different people with their cultural background. They are celebrated with huge solemnity and happiness. In order to celebrated the particular festival there should be the suitable environment and suitable setting. This helps to celebrate festival with lots of happiness and enjoyment. It also enables to have meaningful celebration which doubles the joy of celebrating. Solemnization Group Ltd. then comes into the picture which provides service of setting suitable environment for celebration. The employees of this enterprise render their selfless services during festivals by availing all the requirements with minimum charge to make suitable and meaningful environment to celebrate joyfully the particular festivals. Solemnization Group Ltd. is based in Mumbai Metro city providing employment to low income residents especially focusing on adults dwelling in the slums. The social goals includes: - 1. Quality employments to low income residents. 2. Better wages and benefits 3. Helping employees to acquire basic skill in managing events 4. Educating and training them to be more innovative according to the

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