Executive Summary : The Change Management

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Executive summary
APM is a small company specialized in the sale of Asian movies in Sheffield and Barnsley. Because of fierce competitions from the environment, the management of the company made up mind to utilize one brand new information system and to promote the company’s business online. Currently, there are problems interfering the organization’s implementation of the new information system.
Based on the consultancy document, one change management project has been proposed to this company so that they can prepare themselves to implement the system and prevent the system from failure during the post-implementation.
The change management project consists of four sections: introduction, definition of anticipated problems, change management interventions and summary and conclusions:
Introduction part gives basic information about APM Company describing domain problems that APM is facing with, and it lists the user requirement containing specific name and detailed descriptions.
Definition of anticipated problems part describes that once the new system comes into use, what kind of problems it will bring to the company. This part gives more details to describe specific problems would happen in these three levels: organizational level, technological level, and individual level.
Change management part is the most important part is this project report. This part shows the way to eliminate the anticipated and potential problems in two dimensions: techno-structural…
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