Executive Summary : The School Library

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Executive Summary
The school library will continue to be accessed by both students and staff as both a learning space and a resource centre that will accommodate 21st century learning in an ever evolving technological world. It is important that the library is well maintained and resourced. Issues needing to be addressed include implementation of the Australian Curriculum, learning needs of the 21st century learners and technology upgrades. Recommendation is to purchase smart devices such as iPad and tablets, and have these ready for classroom use as well as within the library. The vision is to stay connected with the school community, work collaboratively, increase knowledge of digital literacy and liaise with all stakeholders including
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The old pedagogies persisting into the 21st century are no longer relevant. They ignore current pedagogies. A supporting pedagogical framework must go beyond connecting schools and providing hardware for students and teachers. (Whitby,G. 2007).

Changes to the informational landscape that is being presented in schools has differed dramatically over the last few years. The Australian curriculum has not been fully implemented for every KLA in schools and it has changed from a state based curriculum to a national based curriculum. The Australian Curriculum is being developed progressively by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA). (ACARA, 2013). Updating of resources needs to align with the new Australian curriculum and the teacher librarian (TL) is able to accommodate curriculum and learning needs in a 21st century environment and is able to collaborate with other teachers and librarians across the state. TL’s role will be crucial for teaching and learning within schools, as they familiarise themselves with new tools, skills and content within the curriculum. (Toner.G, 2013). The TL role has an interdisciplinary perspective and this is a natural place to start in curriculum mapping and resource needs analysis for the new curriculum. Important as curriculum content and learning resources may be, we know that simply resourcing the curriculum does not ensure

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