Executive Summary. This Assignment Is Based On The Talent

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Executive Summary This assignment is based on the talent management approaches used by organizations. Different factors which become the reason for organizations to use different approaches have also been mentioned. A further division for intrinsic and extrinsic talent management approaches have been given. The factors which affect the approach in different countries are also mentioned. Moreover, an organization like Proctor and Gamble (P&G) has its own processes and methods which are used to hire new employees. The main strategies and talent selection methods based on their intrinsic approach have also been discussed in this assignment. A few other examples for P&G talent management are also discussed in order to highlight and make a…show more content…
Skills, and attributes of all the management should be parallel to the responsibilities and roles assigned to them for talent management. Companies try to align their products and services according to market conditions and segmentation. The two approaches which are used by most of the companies are either market oriented or product oriented. It can be added here that market approach is more focused for how the products should be introduced to the market. It’s about how the products and services are being portrayed and advertised in order to attract the consumers. Product-orientation, on the other hand, is focused on methods through which products are bettered for the consumers. The system and research which can be utilized to help improve the product are used in the process. Both the approaches are significant in their own unique way. It’s important to understand the significance of market segmentation and hence, extensive research is required. Since the market has gotten competitive, range and preference is also observed. For product-orientation, technological and safety factors are some important elements used (Osarenkhoe, 2008). This is done to help consumers enjoy the products in a way that’s not offered before. That, by introducing new features or technology in the products. Different approaches to talent management Not all the organizations tend to use same approach when it comes to ensuring
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