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Executive Summary Yukti- Your future, is a non profit company which works on bridging the skill gap between the manufacturing industries expectations and labour work force, by providing technical competence and industry specific knowledge. Human capital is at the core of the 21st century revolution. The key is to develop the intellect and skills among the youth who can act as a catalyst in spurring the growth of the emerging economy’s manufacturing sector. Yukti’s institutes would be located in the central and north part of India and primarily target the upcoming industries in the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor [1]. The total employment generation by Delhi Mumbai Industrial corridor is estimated at 2.3 million [2]. Along with the…show more content…
In addition to it firms would be looking for High Skill jobs rather than Low Skill Jobs[10] as shown in the chart below (McKinsey Report). As shown in the above figure, Medium-High skill workers are in need. And the opportunity also lies in converting the low skill workers into High and Medium Skill workers. Skill is important but so is the understanding of Lean tools and quality. This is how Yukti is different from other institutes, the foundational courses is the USP of Yukti. Work Culture Firms also look for associates who can understand the culture of organizations as soon as they are hired. Most Manufacturing firms have lean tools; six sigma and Total Quality Management embedded in their work culture. If the associates are trained for these concepts then they can be the right fit for firms. And provide value addition from the first week itself. Opportunity A source of providing human capital to MNC’s though development of students and workers. Population- 25% of the global workforce is expected to be from India. With new government at India favouring the Manufacturing sector by launching initiatives such as makeinindia.com[3]. The number of polytechnics in India is around 1742 [4], and 6000 ITI[5] (Industrial Training Institutes) which are very few to cater to large number of workforce. Skill gap- Key ingredient to gather momentum for Manufacturing performance is to provide industry specific skill set. Most manufacturing firms are
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