Executive Summary for Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Report

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1.Executive Summary for Business Continuity &
Disaster Recovery Report Phase 1
This is the Business Continuity plan for recovery of Software Solution critical business. It is intended to be a introduction guide for use in activating recovery policy to ensure that business interruptions are as soon as possible and is within an economical range of financial considerations. Our company should know in advance, what of their tasks are critical, how supports then ability to survive a disruption to regular business operations by maintaining a continuous operations situation.
Business continuity planning (BCP) is a process used to create and validate a plan for maintaining continuous business operations before, during, and after disasters and disturbing events.
Why is business continuity planning so important?
Every organization has risks from possible disasters that include:
Disasters like tornadoes, floods, earthquakes and fire,
Accidents, terrorist attack.
Power, utility, communications, transportation, safety and service area disruptions
Cyber attacks and hacker activity.
The Business Continuity plan in Phase 1 is developed to introduce recovery overview information in four parts:
 Introduction to Company
In this part going through Software Solutions profile and company structure chart Dublin & Galway offices.
 Planning of BC/DR Activities
This part we will look at setting the scope of the plan by identifying the critical business functions of the organization to be

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