Executive Summary of Business Processes

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This is an executive summary of business processes and requirements for computer system enhancements. Riordan Manufacturing needs these enhancements to improve its inventory and manufacturing processes. Executive Summary About Riordan Manufacturing (RM) Dr. Riordan, a chemist, started Riordan Plastics in 1991 as a research and development company based on patents for creating high tensile strength plastic products. Riordan Plastics added manufacturing operations and became Riordan Manufacturing (RM) in 1992 (Apollo Group, Inc., 2006). RM employs 550 people in California, Georgia, Michigan, and China. Its headquarters are in San Jose, CA. RM projects $46 million earnings per year (Apollo Group, Inc., 2006). RM makes plastic…show more content…
I 'll explain more about master data later--but it 's in the reading. Another example is that employees can be given PDAs instead of paper printouts with their instructions, or, they could be directed to a stand-alone terminal with a touch screen that displays their work orders. Supply Chain The Hangzhou, China location relies on a fax-based system for managing shipments. I don 't see why they can 't just use e-mail and / or plug into FedEx 's web-based customer shipping information systems. I don 't think we should spend much time on this, but maybe we could mention this one point. I think most of our effort should focus on Inventory. *Ruth’s part on Supply chain and Inventory for Hangzhou, China.* Hangzhou, China’s plant operates as a decentralized plant unit of Riordan Manufacturing. They prepare their own forecast of electric fan sales. This includes the materials needed to produce the electric fans. Since Hangzhou produces the blades and the housings for the electric fans the problem is getting the motors for the fans as they come from a third party. Also lacking is the system for managing the shipments so that the necessary materials are available to ship the electric fans. Having a fax based system is effective but also outdated as faxing was the latest technology in the 80’s and 90’s. To improve and update the current system a proposed email

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