Executive Summary of the Ford Motor Company

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Executive Summary Ford Motor Company has been and till the date is known as the king of innovations in the automobile industry. Their research & development department and innovation of interchangeable parts in moving assembly lines resulted in extraordinary global extension for them. They are an old heritage who ruled and still doing impressive jobs in the global automobile market. Some prestigious motor brands are also owned by Ford. Despite of these good things, Ford Motor faced a loss due to some wrong decisions taken by the management regarding their business strategy. The decision of centralizing the management made them think narrowly which results in too much Americanization and ignorance of local market in the rest of the world.…show more content…
It was a strategy to centralize the management which resulted in ignorance of local factors of the global market. As a result they lost a huge market share and suffered to remain in the competition. Although they were trying to survive from this bad financial hit, at that time the world also faced a financial crisis due to sudden economic recession. SWOT Analysis Strength: Ford entered into the automobile market many years ago and became the oldest car manufacturers. It is the first company which specialized in large scale manufacturing of the cars. The production of Ford cars is done in highly engineered way with the help of moving assembly lines. The presence of Ford Motor cars is very strong in terms of global aspect, because it operates in six continents. So they are present all over the world. Ford’s market share is higher because they are the second largest automobile company in the U.S and fourth largest in the world. Moreover they are the fifth largest vehicle seller. Ford has a very strong brand name and offers wide range of cars like automobiles, commercial vehicles, luxury vehicles etc. they also target different set of customers. The research and development of Ford is very strong because every time they have introduced many new cars and brands and also represents renowned brands like Formula One. Weakness: The market shares and stock prices of Ford have been declined in recent years. No further steps have been taken by the Ford

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