Executive Summary on Nestle

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Executive Summary Nestle was founded in 1866 by Henri Nestle. It started off with one man’s initiative to produce infant formula (for infants who are intolerant to their mothers’ milk) and grew into a multi- national cooperation worldwide. Nestle has more than 250,000 employees worldwide and factories all around globally. The infant product was so successful that it created demand all over Europe. Eventually this success brought in many business joint ventures and the company underwent many name changes along the way. Nestle started to enhance its product varieties and started to introduce baby cereals, breakfast cereals, chocolates, bottled drinks, beverages, ice creams, dairy products, food seasoning , pet food and many more. The…show more content…
Available from: http://www.scribd.com/doc/14972899/Nestle 1.1 The Global Market Place Nestle in the world largest food and beverage company. The strong brand name gain widespread popularity and acceptance from all over the world. It has over 500 factories globally. Only about 3% of their staff is stationed in home country, Switzerland. Nestle has penetrated into most of the Western and European markets with growth and profitability’s. Nestle has since turned its attention to the emerging markets, like Pakistan in Asia, Latin American countries and Eastern Europe. Nestle strategy is to emerge into markets ahead of competition and build a substantial position in the food industries. As lifestyle changes with Macro Environmental forces, Nestle has also moved into more niche and upscale products to meet the growing needs. It also takes in stock of the culture of the country and localizes its distribution and marketing strategy to the requirements of the local markets and needs. The strategy is to decentralized so that it can adapt as much as possible to regional situations. This creates strength and flexibility and hence able to make decisions base on local marketing needs. Nestle strives to be an “insider’ in every country it operates, not an “outsider”. Available from: http://www.scribd.com/doc/14972899/Nestle-Project 1.2 The Global Marketing Environment The following are the push factors for Nestle to
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