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Executive Training Inc. Case 2 Applied Marketing Table of Content Executive Summary Problem Statement Situation Analysis: Part 1-Industry Analysis Part 2-Competitor Analysis Part 3-Company Analysis Part 4-Customer Analysis Part 5-Planning Assumption Summary of Situation Analysis Implementation Decision Criteria's Alternative Analysis Planning Assumptions Alternatives (Financials) Choice and Rationale Bibliography Executive summary Executive Training Inc. is a successful firm providing marketing and sales training for agricultural companies. Tom Jackson, president and owner of ETI (Executive training inc.) started the business 17 years ago. Due to the rapid expansion of internet use, Tom…show more content…
And methods used to teach online can vary anywhere from videos, to narrated power points and cases. The market for online sales and marketing training is still very new, the industry itself is still creating a market for it self in any of its training divisions, and thus' competition is very low or even non-existent. The customer base for such an online product although researched is questionable and seemingly very small. Only eight percent that participated in the questionnaire provided at each session stated that they have had or are currently engaged in online training of some form, and that only twenty percent had actually heard of or had investigated some sort of online training. The number of people aware of such a product is considerably higher than the people involved suggesting their may be a market for such training, however previous and current usage is very low, and those made aware of such training as well. Preference for such a product also seems low. Substitute products for online training are also high and easily and readily available at universities, colleges, private organizations and even book stores or tutors. Training can be received a number of ways and according to market research appears to be best received person to person. Competitor Analysis Executive Training Inc. has many competitors' ranging from the typical company offering
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