Executive Vp For The Sarbanes Oxley Act

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The case presents that Vince Patton, the executive VP (IT department) of RR communications has been with the organization for a long time. It then shows the back story of IT circumstances it has been facing in past and to date. The first problem of RR communications was it did not have one central IT system; each division had their own system, databases and customer service center. Each division had full power to develop and implement new projects and make decisions without involving any other division members as well as the company head. Due to this decentralized system; RR communications was facing problems such as customers reporting having multiple receipts and would prefer one receipt for their all transactions. Having separate…show more content…
Company has four key line of business – Internet, mobile, landline, and cable TV service. Each one line of business had own individual divisional CIO with no central leadership. Each division CIO had their own system and functioned based on how it affects its department only. Thus, providing no coordination between other divisions and unable to ensure that the decision made in one division might affects negatively to rest of the division or organization as a whole. The new VP suggested to divisional CIOs to unify the systems and management which was a no go from the leaders. DIOs were so imbedded with individualism that the unified system and management seemed to them loosing the power and control which led for rejection. To implement a centralized system which delivers new products/services, company’s value and fast customer service Vince was forced to fire four CIOs who thought the centralized system will not work and tried to sabotage the implementation process. Below is brief answer provided for discussion questions: 1. List the advantages of a single customer service center for RR Communications. With the single customer service center RR communication can eliminate the duplication of receipts, multiple receipts, avoid or minimize the redundancy, expedite the process for credit approval or collection and deliver value for reduced costs. It will also help RR communication in reduction of complexity, simplify the process, provide quality
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