Executives Perspective on Management

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Management According to a Manager / an Executives Perspective
List of Managers / Executives No | Name | Gender | Organization | Position | Educational Background | 1 | Meor Muhammad Meor Omar Baki | Male | OCBC Al-Amin Wangsamaju Branch | Consumer Business Head | Bachelor | 2 | Abdul Syatar bin Abdul Halim | Male | Setiawangsa Branch Office of City Hall of KL | Branch Manager | Bachelor in Management | 3 | Salina | Female | Maybank Wangsamaju Branch | Manager | Diploma in Accounting | 4 | Mohi Uddin | Male | Pearl of the East Foundation | Chairman | Bachelor in Human Science | 5 | Sheikh Akhter Uddin Akhmed | Male | NBL Money Transfer Sdn Bhd | CEO | Master in Accounting | 6 | Dato’ Hj Zulkafli B. Maulud | Male |
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Meanwhile, differently, Raden Mochamad Arizona said, “In my mind, management is so social science, so once I graduated from senior high school and I decided to pursue my degree on geological engineering I think I won’t never meet that kind of course-subject. For me, people have right to be free, and management will abuse their right because it will control everything. For many years, I have keep in my mind that management is how to drive another people to follow what we want. It’s very funny. I acknowledge time management, self-management, but I don’t acknowledge them as part of management itself!”
In the other hand, Andarini Nurul Hidayati also has different perception of management. To be born as a daughter for a banker, she has very familiar with management. Her father taught her how to manage her time by scheduling since she was 7 years old. She also already knew how to make mind-map since in the junior high school: how to set plan, how to allocate “resource” that she has, how to set time-based plan for achievement, and how make a follow up for what she already achieved.
According to Asri Nuraeni Al Farabyan, her first perception on management was a tool to control another people. Managing people for her in that time was same with ask people to do whatever we instructed. But, personally, she acknowledges the existence of management especially in the form of leadership, time management, self-motivation,
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