Exegesis – Luke 4:14-30

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This passage is situated at the beginning of Jesus’ Galilean ministry. Jesus has returned from Nazareth after several days in the wilderness where the power of the Holy Spirit assisted him in fighting the temptations of the devil. In this story, Jesus goes to the synagogue on the Sabbath and is now said to be reading from the Torah as was customary. This means that Jesus regularly does this which shows that he is a devout Jew. It was important for him to rest on the Sabbath and go to the synagogue for scripture and teaching on this day. Luke has followed this account with miracle and healing stories depicting Jesus as a compassionate saviour and prophet. Luke arranges the passages in this way in order to ‘write an orderly account’ (1:3) of…show more content…
According to Mosaic Law servants are to be released. It was originally designed to give the poor a new start and it was the concern for the poor that motivated the Jubilee legislation.
“Today this scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing” – scholars tend to agree that through these words Jesus expresses himself as the Son of God. In this passage the listeners didn’t believe him because Jesus has been unfaithful to his father and family life going against embedded identity. “Is this not Joseph’s son?” – The people in the synagogue said this about Jesus to emphasise the fact that Jesus is, they believed, the son of Joseph, who is a carpenter by profession, which links into the core value of embedded identity. According to the culture of the time, one must give preference to one’s own family and village. It is in this very pericope that Luke has Jesus implies that he is the Son of God and that his purpose and mission are a priority over his family and the role he has there.
“Doctor cure yourself” – here Jesus states that it is doubtless that the people of his hometown of Nazareth will approve of him spreading the word of God throughout other towns. He says that they will quote to him, Doctor cure yourself, by which they would be trying to tell Jesus to bring

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