Exegesis Of Evangelism And Evangelism Essay

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Exegesis of Evangelism
There are many definitions of evangelism. The English word “evangelism” comes from the Greek word euaggelion. Most literally translated in the noun form, euaggelion means: “gospel” or “good news.” In the verb form (euaggelizesthai), the meaning of the word changes slightly to “announce” or “bring good news.” The Greek word in its various forms appears fifty-five times in the New Testament. In addition to the before-mentioned translations, the Greek word is also translated as “preach.” Bosch implores six different definitions ranging from the church’s ministry of proclaiming the gospel to having service ministries that draw people to Christ. My research project focuses on the announcement, proclaiming, sharing and preach to gospel or good news of Jesus Christ using social media as the conduit. However, this mission of evangelism is not initiated or done by Church; the church is joining God in the missio Dei (God’s mission).
Impact Church’s social media ministry for evangelism is a means of grace and an expression of God’s mission in the world. Bosch asserts:
We cannot without ado claim that what we do is identical to the missio Dei; our missionary activities are only authentic inasfar as they reflect participation in the mission of God….The primary purpose of the missiones ecclesiae can therefore not simply be the planting of churches or the saving of souls; rather, it has to be service to the missio Dei, representing God in and over against the world,…

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