Exegesis Paper Roman 12:2

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Saint Leo University Professor McClenney Exegesis Paper Romans 12:2 Jamesca Caton June 22, 2014 Table of Contents INTRODUCTION3 BACKGROUND3 LITERARY ANALYSIS4 THEOLOGY ANALYSIS5 CONCLUSION6 BIBLIOGRAPHY…………………………………………………………………………………7 INTRODUCTION When the thought of God’s purpose for us comes to mind, you think of what God’s will is for us all. Throughout the bible you can read that we were put on this earth for the glory of God and strive to give Him glory. God created us all to fulfill his eternal plan and defeat Satan. God created us in His image and He has given us a choice of freedom. We can choose to give into the unearthly things of this world or give glory to the only Holy Spirit which is God. In…show more content…
This scripture also stated to take off all new ways that were adapted or unholy ways and live directly to Christ alone. Which is similar to what Romans 12:2 is also stating. The duties that you must live to be a Christian that is pleasing to God. The sacrifices of your body and mind to make sure you can live by Gods will is what Paul speaks on in Romans 12:2. Even though, Christians have many resources of God to fight sin victoriously, intense struggle is necessary (Butler 1205). THEOLOGICAL ANALYSIS Paul is a servant of God and his writings in Romans speaks on how Christians should have a strong bond with God and live to do Gods will. "The Gospel is not a religious message to inform mankind of their divinity or to tell them how they may become divine. The Gospel proclaims a God utterly distinct from men” (Barth 28). Paul believes if you give yourself freely and fully to God, you will be rewarded with eternal life. Eternal life is granted only to those who are fully committed to God and His will. Paul wants to offer the Roman Christin community some spiritual benefit, for the benefit of their common faith (Rom 1:11-12). While the community at Rome was mainly Gentiles, many arguments Paul discusses in Romans is of the Jewish Christian community. It is possible that this once Jewish Christian community evolved into a Gentile Christian community (Corey 373). Sin has taken our Christian community and man has chosen not to follow God, who is the creator of man
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