Exegetical Paper of James 2 18 26

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An Exegetical Paper of James 2:18-26

Submitted to Professor Dr. Steve Waechter
In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Course “Greek Language Tools” – NGRK505

Steven B. Darden

Burleson, TX
March 8, 2015

Introduction 4
Context 5
Historical-Cultural Context 5
Literary Context 6
Analysis of Text 7
James 2:18-19: Objections to False Faith 7
James 2:20-24: Examples of Faith 9
Verses 2:25-26: Rahab 11
Conclusion 11
Appendix A: Block Diagram of James 2:18-26 Using the ESV Bible 13

Introduction Throughout the history of the Bible, few words have had more controversy than the words, faith, works, and justification. James’ uses a powerful interrogative to pose the
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Of these, James the half-brother is the most likely candidate. Some scholars might prefer James the son of Zebedee but his early martyrdom likely negates this possibility because in Acts 12:2 his death is indicated to have occurred around A.D. 44.6
Literary Context The book of James is not very tidy when it comes to fitting into any of the other genres of literature. Some consider it to more of a circular rather than an epistle and it is quite possible that both Paul and Peter had read the Epistle of James, at least there are several coincidences between them.7 Because it was written to such a broad audience and because it contains many references to the Old Testament, James hardly fits into any category very neatly. Therefore, it may be best to see James as a literary circular since it does not address any particular needs at a given moment. James was apparently teaching the victims of the Diaspora.
The structure of the Book of James begins as a letter and later vacillates between topics, at times appearing to be more of a sermon addressed to those in the congregation of Jewish Christians. Considered by some to be wisdom literature, James introduces and argues for several topics and themes. In James 2:16-26, the themes of faith, good works, and proper treatment of the poor. At times the structure of James resembles blocks of teaching and exhortation. Luther even accused the author of “throwing things together…. Chaotically.”8 Regardless of

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