Exegetical Paper on Philippians 2:1-11

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LIBERTY BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY: EXEGETICAL PAPER Exegetical Paper on Philippians 2:1-11 is being submitted to: DR: LEO PERCER ­­In partial fulfilment for the requirement of the course NBST 610 (HERMENEUTICS) SUBMITTED BY: STEPHEN GEDDAM L26282842 CONTENTS: INTRODUCTION ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 HISTORICAL CONTEXT ------------------------------------------------------------------ 4 EXPOSITION --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 1) The Genuine Humility Lows Down ----------------------------------------------- 6 2) God is the real source of exaltation ------------------------------------------------ 9 3) The exaltation…show more content…
Well we have seen in this above with the introduction that this deals with the humility when it is genuinely exercised and the rewards that are awarded by God. Well let’s discuss through this Philippians chapter two, one through eleven. Before going into the deeper first let us discuss what it says in the first five verses of this chapter. Well though it is always good to hear from the scholars. To say that in the verse one it clearly states that this chapter was linked to the previous chapter, because this chapter was started with “Therefore” which indicates that Paul began with the unity that was ended up in 1:27. This shows that it has four clauses which deals with the Philippians sharing and as well as their experiences. These are stated to promote unity especially through experiences in the people of Philippians. Richard R. Melick Jr. stated in his book of Philippians, Colossians, Philemon commentaries that, “These four “Ifs” clauses, though, should not be interpreted as a mere possibility, but as an assumptions of the truth of the statements.”6 In verse two we can find the second half of the conditional statement of Paul which was given. The means of fulfilling this command is then given in four clauses which emphasize unity by synonymous expressions.7 The way in which the Philippians can “fulfil” Paul’s joy is by having “the same mind”, “the same love”, being “one
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