Exemplary Leadership Essay

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Nicole Lomupo

Examples of Exemplary Leadership

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The Wall Street Journal is a national news source indispensible to corporate industries and business professionals. The publication discloses current information on economics, politics, industry leaders, and international relations. The articles and discussions printed in the Wall Street Journal present readers with an opportunity to gain sufficient expertise about management and leadership. Most importantly, one can depict how these roles are incorporated and utilized in competitive markets. This report is a representation of different leadership styles identified in Wall Street Journal (WSJ) articles discussing the
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President Obama’s offer encourages positivity for some politicians while another health care incident does not fulfill the same actuality. A perfect example of negative Free-Reign Leadership was made available to the public when the WSJ released Friday’s issue on February 18, 2011. Medicare-Fraud Crackdown Corrals 114, written by Mark Schoofs, Maurice Tamman, and Brent Kendall, details what may be considered, the largest Medicare fraud account in U.S. history. The authors uncover the alleged schemes that took place in nine cities with 114 suspects penalized on charges. The cases involved numerous incidents where providers were working alone or with a few correspondents and an immense lack of supervision was present. Nobody was monitoring the services being billed or the amount charged. Many of the providers billed the insurance company for services that never occurred (Schoofs, Tamman, and Kendall, 2/28/11, p. A3, U.S. News). Free-Reign Leadership involves trusting individuals enough to allow them to perform tasks unmonitored. Evidently, the Medicare scandal exists as the result of this style of negatively rendered leadership.
Examples of Exemplary Leadership
As the new health law continues to progress, considerable change sweeps across all areas of the industry. Respective health care professionals must adjust services and procedures accordingly in order to comply with specific guidelines. Decision making among
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