Exemplary Leadership

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Abstract Employees often make comments about their managers or supervisors. Some people feel like they have the best managers, while others feel like they have the worst managers. Managing individuals is not easy, and there is no handbook or novel out there, to teach you how to do it just right. Being a manager is difficult, and being a good manager can be even harder. This paper will discuss the characteristics and behaviors of a peer manager that has influenced my leadership. It will examine my observations of the individual and the impact that it has had on me. Intro In my profession, I have had the opportunity to be in the company of many types of people. I have seen various management styles, on many different levels. For some, the…show more content…
I think it creates unnecessary stress on the employee, as well as the manager. One day, Jane and one of her new subordinates got into a small argument over a letter that was typed by the subordinate. The letter was to explain a situation between a teacher and a student at the school in which she worked. The employee asked Jane if it was okay for her to go ahead and draft up the letter because Jane had been in meetings most of the morning. Jane said with conviction, that it was okay for the employee to do so, but not to send it out before she looks over it. The employee typed up the letter and left it on Jane’s desk for her to read after she returned from lunch. When Jane returned and read the letter, she was not happy with any of it. She took out a red pen, and started marking up the letter from top to bottom. After making all of the corrections she felt as though the letter needed, she called the employee back into her office to show her what she needed her to do. The employee looked to be taken back a little by Jane, however, she did not respond in a manner that was disrespectful. She took the paper, and proceeded to her desk. As Jane and I were in discussion, we heard the subordinate on the phone. Jane excused herself from our discussion to go and see if the letter was finished. The
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