Exemplary Leadership Truly Matters Essay

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Exemplary Leadership truly Matters

May 22, 2011


Leadership theories have been extensively studied, developed, and applied to understand the impact they bestow on organizations. This assignment evaluates and reflects on the leadership style of my former graduate advisor, mentor, and friend through a critical analysis examining organizational power, contingency factors, influence tactics, ethical issues, and decision-making style. This paper describes my advisor’s transformational leadership style, and how this behavior affected my task performance, job performance, and organizational commitment. This analysis concludes with a review of my leadership skills and abilities and an evaluation of the utility of this course and
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(2011a) as expert and referent powers (p. 453 - 454). Dr. Harding is an accomplished pathologist and researcher in immunology, infectious disease, and oncology, with more than 170 peer reviewed journal publications (Clifford, 2011). His vast medical and scientific skills, expertise, and knowledge give him expert power in the scientific and medical communities worldwide. Dr. Harding’s expert power is a source of his referent power. Members of the scientific and medical community not only respect his expertise and knowledge, they have grown to know and respect him personally. Even my wife, a 2009 graduate of the MSTP, can attest to his honesty, trustworthiness, sincerity, and down to earth personality. Dr. Harding is respected personally throughout his professional and private life, and he uses his referent power, in addition to his organizational and personal powers to be an exceptional leader.
Dr. Harding’s legitimate power permits a significant amount of substitutability, discretion, centrality, and visibility, which Colquitt et al. (2011a) describes as contingency factors (p. 455 - 456). As departmental chair, director of MSTP, and a PI, Dr. Harding has control over department and lab only resources, i.e., grants, university funds, equipment, etc., to allocate at his discretion. As a PI, Dr. Harding directs the focus of his research. For example, the lab focused on Mycobacterium
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