Moon Shadow Essay

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Moon Shadow is a 8 year old boy who lives in China with his mom and grandma.Once his grandma told him a story about his grandfather who had been lyched during a war.Then Moonshadow wanted to know about Golden Mountain but his mom and grandma did not want to tell him. Then later on HandClap came with a letter from Windrider which is Moonshadow’s dad.Then they had tea when he came. So then Handclap said if he can come to America to see his dad. When he went he was only 8 but by the Tang peoples method they said he was 7.There is a company there that belongs to the Peach Orchard. The people work there are Uncle Bright Star,Windrider,White deer,and now Moonshadow. His hands were mining the streams of gold. They said the guy was in his eighties
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