Exemplification Essay: A Fictional Narrative

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A century ago, Toronto was very different than it is today. One of the differences being that Alan Talon was about to release the first ever moving picture with sound on May 16 1908. But on what was supposed to be the most esteemed event in all of Canada, a tragedy occurred. As dozens of elegantly dressed women and men found their way to the velvet seats in the theatre, among them were a detective by the name of Timothy Lance, Doctor Samantha Wilfrid, Inspector Steven Louis, and Chief Constable Craig Will. They were an accomplished group of people who worked at Police Station #2 and were invited by Alan Talon as his personal guests. When everyone found their assigned seats, Alan Talon, the successful inventor himself came onto the stage. “Good evening ladies…show more content…
“It looks like we have two trails of clues to follow,’ remarked Lance. “Bring me Mr. Edison for questioning and get Doctor Samantha to analyze that manure,” he said to the constable as they stepped into a carriage and made their way to Police Station #2. A few short hours later, Mr. Edison was seated in Detective Lance’s office waiting to be interrogated. “Good evening, Mr. Edison,” welcomed the detective as he walked into the office. “May I ask, what is the meaning of this childish nonsense?” asked Thomas hotly. “It has to do with the murder of Mr. Lawrence,” replied Lance trying to maintain his decorum over Mr. Edison’s impropriety. “I already told you, I didn’t kill him,” Mr. Edison said. “Then why was your gun found at the crime scene?” inquired the detective, pulling the evidence out of his drawer and placing it on the desk. “Anyone could have stolen my gun and placed it there," answered Thomas looking at his
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