Exemplification Essay: Everyone Should Be Pro-Life

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Every day, many unborn babies are killed from abortion. These babies have purposes given by God in our world, and without them there is something missing. Whenever an abortion happens, a real human being is killed. They are not just a clump of cells like one may think, but they have a soul just like you do. People should be pro-life because they could meet the friend they never knew they had. These people could spread the word to one another, and possibly work to eradicate abortion. If they were pro-life, many souls could would be saved, more people would learn to be pro-life instead of pro-choice, and God’s children could serve their given purpose in life.
If a soul was saved every time it was not going to be, there would be one more person in the world made by God. Therefore, everyone should be pro-life. Multiply this number one many times and a whole lot of God’s children can walk this earth, knowing that they were saved by someone that was pro-life. People that participate in abortion do not believe that they are killing a human being, but really, they are wrong. If they let their unborn child live, they would be giving life to a person, not choosing to be pro-choice. Anyone who is pro-choice does not see their purpose in life, or in anyone else’s lives. All
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God made each one of us for a reason; and each one of us is special. We have a plan, and God wants us to serve his people, but there is an opening when someone is taken out of the picture because they were aborted as a baby. If abortion decreased or completely diminished, more people could praise God and serve Jesus the way they want them to. Any pro-choice person has a reason to be on this earth. Whether it is learning to love life over time or simply going their own way, there will be no more pro-choice when they are completely overpowered by our pro-life
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