Exemplification Essay: Is MMA A Safe Sport?

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A lot of MMA fans have learned to watch fighters dust themselves off from a brutal knockout as if it never happened. This was the tragic situation that happened for the fighter Booto Guylain, who suffered a TKO loss on February 27, 2014. Guylain, 29, was pronounced dead on as a result of sustaining a severe brain injury in the Fighting Championships of Johannesburg, South Africa, because of swelling and bleeding in the brain.

MMA a Safe Sport?

The EFC Africa president Cairo Howarth, said that after he heard of Guylain's passing, it was a huge loss for the sport and everyone who knew him. His thoughts and prayers are with the family. With the tragic death of Guylain, it dispels any potential notions that said the MMA was a safe sport. While it is still in its infant stages, we have to make concessions if they hope to bring the sport to a more mainstream audience. That key might lie in the banning of elbow strikes to the head with grounded opponents because elbow blows will often create a lot of blood from minor damage, which can alienate many people to the sport. The problem with an elbow strike in this position is that it can be difficult to defend against, and you do not need much momentum to cause brain damage. You want to take steps to reduce the potential for head trauma because it can often prove fatal.
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There are about 6.4 knockouts for every 100 fights, which is compared to 4.9 concussions in boxing, 2.2 concussions in hockey and 8.08 concussions in football for every 100
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