Exemplification Essay: My Vision For America

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America is a country that keeps growing, learning, and adapting to whatever is thrown at it. Throughout the course of history America has had it’s rough patches and it's hard times where things did not look like they could get any worse. In the end of it all though, the land of the free and the home of the brave prevailed no matter what the obstacle. The country is going to continue getting stronger and coming together more in the future years. The vision I have for America is one that some others may never believe possible, but with the right mindset and the will for change anything can become reality. The vision I have for America is one where people can come together fully without being judged on how they look or act, where people will not be hated on because of their sexuality, or where people can express themselves through religion without being criticized or alienated.…show more content…
When someone does not fit the mold of society, it automatically sets them apart from the rest of the population. When that person does not act the “normal” way a person in society acts, it makes them seem odd and scary. In reality, though that person is just a person like everyone else on this planet. They have the same rights as everyone in this society, but they get treated differently just because of the way the choose to express themselves. We live in a time where it should not matter what a person looks or acts like, because when it all comes down to it, we all are the same on the inside. Instead of picking on those people that do not conform to the standards of society we should embrace them and look past those differences to see the beauty in what that individual is capable of. America’s people as a whole should fully embrace the differences of people and not be the ones that drag those different than us
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