Exemplification Essay: People Have a Right to Die

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What’s that you say Doctor? I’ve got cancer… That doesn’t sound good, and by the way that you’re telling me, it’s probably worse than that. Well, I knew that this day was coming… Doctor? I don’t know why, but I’m not as upset by this news as I thought I would be – but I do know one thing, I don’t want it to hurt.
What will “Fred” choose to do? What is Fred allowed to do? Fred had his mind wrapped around the idea of his death years ago, but who can be completely ready for the moment when we hear the news that our life will be over soon? In our existence, what greater event besides birth can compete with death? Most of us have pondered the circumstances of our own death, what we’d do, and how we would deal with it. As we grow
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His children chose to help Fred administer the chemical mixture that would end his life – all but one. One of Fred’s sons was shocked to learn that he had chosen to end his life early. “Kevin” never believed that Fred would carry out such an offensive means to his own end, and quickly became angry about his father’s decision.
In spite of Fred’s reassurances and his sibling’s explanations, Kevin still felt frightened for his father’s future and made the decision to fight Fred’s choice in court. In spite of recent judgments in favor of assisted death, Kevin took the position that Fred was not of sound mind and was able to delay his father’s planned ending.
Even as Fred’s pain increased, and his options were becoming more limited, Kevin pressed on with his legal battle. Soon, the dispute became more public as church and civil rights groups became involved in the process. One group framed the argument as a violation of the medical community’s oath to do no harm. Another saw the dispute as a freedom of choice issue. Still another felt that it was an affront to God’s will, and yet another felt that the government should stay out of Fred’s private affairs.
As his end neared, seemingly no one knew what was happening to Fred himself. However, his family stayed close, and his doctor used every tool at his disposal to mitigate Fred’s pain.
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