Exemplification Essay: Privilege In America

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Privilege is a word thrown around by many people, but understood by a few. I have heard many people in my family exclaim that there is no such thing because they too, a white passing middle class American, have faced hardship. Though it seems that if you face hardship you obviously have no privilege that is simply not the case. It effects every one differently, and even I, someone in a minority group, have many privileges over my brothers and sisters who are a part of the same group. Why does this all matter though? Just because you are privileged does not mean you have everything handed to you on a silver platter. Yes there are the children who grow up on golden spoons; having caviar sprinkled in their baby cereal to condition their tasted from infancy. Although this is not normally the case. We have to work for what we have, but something as simple as having to work is effected by our privilege of being white. In a field experiment done by the American Economic Association it was found that white sounding names got nearly fifty percent more call backs. Not only did they receive call backs, but the names equated to an average of 8 years working experience over those this…show more content…
Yes, probably, unless my boss finds out I’m gay and decided to fire me. There are new laws and the LGBT+ community has made great strides but there is still a tremendously high amount of discrimination against us. According to the FBI crime rate statistics 48.3 percent of all hate crimes in the year of 2014 were based on sexual and gender orientation. Even with facing those statistics of hate crimes I can feel safe due to the fact that I am white. According to the NCAVP 73.1 percent of all LGBT+ homicides were against people of color, and 53.8 percent were against trans woman. So as a white cisgenered individual I feel relatively safe due to my
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