Exemplification Essay: Should College Students Go To College?

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Are too many young students going to college? This past October, 69.5 percent of high schoolers went on to attend college. It used to be that college was the only way to get a good job and live a better life, however, college is not for everyone, and experience beats degrees.

Too many people go to college and end up working jobs that have absolutely nothing to do with their degree. There are a significant amount graduates but a lack of jobs in their career area. Having a degree in culinary arts is not going to be much help if you are changing light fixtures for a living. Recent data shows that 50 percent of nearly graduated college students are either unemployed or underemployed and those that do have jobs work jobs not in their field of work. College students many times chose the career that
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In 2013 only 36 percent of students graduated with the same major they committed to going into college. The average college student switches up their major a minimum of 3 times, which results in taking more classes and spending more and more money. A student going into college should have some idea of what they would like to do in college and after college. If a student does not have an idea of what they would like to do maybe they travel, and see what they would like to do or are excell at.

A lot of students are hands on learners and the classroom setting just is not the right fit for them. Participating in an apprenticeship has many benefits over going to college. Although it is not much, being a participant in an apprenticeship results in a paycheck. Also, working hands on is better training than any classroom setting can provide. If during high school a student enjoyed working in the technical education class, or automotive class, or welding, it's probably safe to assume that an apprenticeship would fit them better than spending time in a college
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