Exemplification Essay: Stephen Curry's Golden State Warriors

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After being listed as questionable before Thursday night's game against the Oklahoma City Thunder in Oakland, Stephen Curry showed up on the sidelines in uniform and ready to go for the Golden State Warriors. After Curry torched the Thunder 46 points on Feb 27th, the Thunder were surely hopeful he would have to sit this one out.

What was so remarkable about the 46 point performance was that the majority of the damage (31 points) was done after Curry left the court early in third quarter with an ankle injury, the same injury that forced him to miss the next game against the Atlanta Hawks. The injury occurred when he stepped on Thunder guard Russell Westbrook's foot and rolled his left ankle. It's worth noting that Curry has had more than a few issues with his ankles during his 7+ year career.

From Golden State's perspective, there was little doubt he would suit up if he could walk into the locker room. With the Warriors in hot pursuit of the NBA record for most wins
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For the Thunder, they sit one full game ahead of the Los Angeles Clippers for the #3 seed in the Western Conference. The team that ends up with the #4 seed would be in line to play the Warriors in the conference semifinals instead of the finals. The difference between those two seedings translates to real cash for the players, not to mention a chance at getting closer to playing in the NBA finals without having to face the best team in the league.

No one is prepared to simply concede the title to the Warriors, but teams have to be cognoscente about the reality of what it means to face them anywhere in the playoffs. To this point in the season, the Warriors have proven to be the most difficult team to beat in league history. With a current record of 55-5 with 22 games remaining, they are on pace to win 75 games. That's a difficult number to get one's mind around. It would be on par with a MLB team winning 149 games in a
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