Exemplification Essay: The Electric Bill

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A fight against an opponent he once beat ends in an embarrassing loss for himself, and for the local boxing commission, and they inform Braddock that his fighting days are over, and that he needs to go home to his wife and kids and get on with his life. They revoke Braddock’s boxing license, forcing him to find work somewhere else at a time when very few people can find work at all. He takes on whatever jobs he can find, but his broken right hand is enough reason to give potential employers cause not to hire him. The electric bill is past due, and they are dangerously close to having their electricity cancelled during the winter, which scares Mae into sending the kids away to her sister for fear that the children will get terribly sick if they are forced to live under such conditions. The fear of losing his children drives James to hide his broken arm to get work and pay the bills so he can get his kids back, but the pay he is getting from the local docks is far from enough to pay the bills.…show more content…
James was the last person they could find who would fight without training, mainly because of the purse that would come just from losing. James takes the fight, knowing that the money will bring his kids back, but to the surprise of the people who all thought James was a washed up has been, James wins the fight in resounding fashion, showing a swagger and determination that he hadn’t shown in years. This win sets up another fight, which he is supposed to lose, but of course doesn’t. When it becomes evident that James is a different fighter than he once was, the boxing commission sets up a fight for the heavyweight championship of the world between Braddock and Max Baer, a feared fighter known for having already killed two men in the
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