Exemplification Essay: The Practice Of Animal Testing

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Their bodies lay like the living dead, oesophagi and arteries protruding like corrugated rubber tubing. It looked as if a special effects team had worked overtime for some Saturday night movie set, with blood dripping here, blood dripping there, blood dripping everywhere. But that smell of decay. That smell of decay could only come from recently slaughtered animals. In this case the corpses were still warm, blood thickening but not yet dried on their fur outside. All at one, hatred haunted my horrified brain. Surely this was murder most foul?
However, this was no crime, and is in fact something that happens perfectly legally, and continues to happen daily: animal testing.
Do any of you have a pet at home? I don’t personally, but my grandparents
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William Collins, a board approved doctor, explains why the use of animals actually slows down medical research. He says "the simplest explanation is that animal experiments provide misleading data. At best, they tell us a good deal about how animals experience disease, but they rarely tell us something of value that can be applied to humans. For example, when tobacco repeatedly failed in producing cancer for test subjects, warnings regarding the dangers of cigarettes were dismissed for many years. Animal tests provide additional information, but not a high level of…show more content…
Did you know that one of the most universal human medicines for aches and pains, aspirin, is poisonous to cats? Imagine that. And what about a little treat we all enjoy: chocolate? Did you know that chocolate, very safe for humans, is not safe for dogs? So why would other chemical products be any different? What is the benefit of using 100 million animals a year to test chemicals if we can’t be sure that the results are
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