Exemplification Essay: The Professional Culture Of The Army

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Summarized Paragraph The world of a professional is not limit to the uniform but to the induvial who where’s the uniform and way you take action and lead from the front not the back and how stand up for yourself and others in a respective manner. Taking care your subordinates and seniors regardless of your rank or position of authority. Although the Professional Culture of the Army is always a see-saw effect up and down making sure are maintaining your military bearing, customs and courtesy is key to being a profession in all times regardless of MOS or rank as well as duties positions. We are all professionals the uniform doesn’t define us we define the uniform and being a 42A you must always include the essence being a Professional. First…show more content…
Within the Adjacent Corps we must strive to be proficient. Tactical and technical proficient we must operate as a team. While raising to the challenges placed in front of us. Along with assisting any civilian counterparts and Soldiers alike. We all need to follow a set of ethical standards. We are all professional at every grade and rank. Our MOS doesn’t limit us to our comrades it defines and what we are capable of despite rank. The Army must never cease to push itself to be the best while displaying this to Soldiers subordinate and senior. As a Human Resource NCO I feel that we need to show our strength and stay diligent helping our fellow 42A regardless if they are TPU , AGR or AC alike sharing the knowledge that we have learned and absorbed expertise. First to all junior enlisted and senior enlisted because those unwillingness to learn from another 42A is not the way of the Adjacent Corps. Thought it’s hard to balance being a professional we must demonstrate this in day situation because we are professional in uniform and out of the uniform. The Army professional have issues with toxic leadership in Within the Army Professional Culture but the as soldiers and 42A’s staying professional with this environment is critical to
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