Exemplification Essay: The Senate Should Consider Every Federal Judge

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The Senate should consider every Federal Judge that is nominated by the president. After the president takes the time to consider and nominate a possible judge, the Senate should show respect by considering the president and his decisions. This keeps a good working relationship between the Senate and the president. The Constitution says the president needs the advice and consent of the Senate to appoint a Federal Judge. The Senate did not respond to President Obama’s nomination of a federal judge, so the nomination expired. When President Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch and Senate did give advice and consent.

To begin with, the Constitution of the United States says the president. The Constitution does not require the Senate to respond to the nomination. When the president picks someone, the Senate does not have to hold hearings and vote. The Senate can refuse to answer to the president’s pick. Even though the …show more content…

The total amount of time that Garland’s nomination lasted for was 293 days. This is the longest nomination for Supreme Court in history without getting a hearing from Senate Republicans. Critics say Republicans denied Garland a hearing for to keep a Democrat appointed justice of the Supreme Court. The last appointee to have never gotten a hearing from the Sentate was in 1853. Some people of the United States see this as a negative working relationship between the Senate and the President. The Senate should have at least considered this nomination, and then they could have voted no. Even though the Senate wanted to preserve the court’s conservative majority the Senate should have just considered the nominee then they could have said their opinion on the nominee. If they had considered the nominee they could have saved a lot of time and effort for everyone by voting no for the president’s

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