Exemplification Essay: Two Different Types Of Carcinomas

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At this point in time, 1951, cell cultures were unable to sustain life when taken to the lab. George Gey's goals was to be the first scientist to be able to grow live human cells outside of the human body which up until HeLa, was never done before. Also, in this time era, racism was still a big issue that limited the hospitals Henrietta was able to go to. Who knows what would've happened if she didn't go to John Hopkins Hospital and they didn't take her cells. From Henrietta's biopsy she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. With that I learned that there were two different types of cervical carcinomas; invasive and non-invasive. Henrietta had non-invasive which they also called carcinoma in situ because the cancer was in its original place. This type had been possible to diagnose for only 10 years. Before Henrietta's diagnosis he had began a study to prove carcinoma in situ was just as dangerous as invasive carcinoma. When Henrietta's cells were taken to the lab, Mary Kubicek didn't thing anything of it because all previous cells had died over and over again. However, soon after the cells were growing with " mythological…show more content…
I was kind of surprised with the reaction she got from Pattillo with him being super hesitant and not really wanting anything to do with the production of the book. However, Deborah was different and gave a lot of random information that Skloot could piece together later on. With the second phone call she was informed that Deborah was instructed not to provide any more information that could help Skloot. I then realized that the Lack's family sat in the cold with the HeLa cells and never got any recognition. Another thing, with Hela being very important in the science industry many people had already tried to get in contact with the family but, with the wrong intentions. Skloot's intentions were pure however, there was no way they coulee known
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