Exemplification Essay: What Is Your Vision For America?

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My vision for America is that someday we come together as one, which means there will be no more fighting ,no more violence in today society, also the army will not have to go out to the other continents and fight a war because we are going to get threaten if we do not go to war and even worse consequences , also that we don’t have to pay for healthcare or any medical bill, which means that every job will have healthcare even the small jobs if they have a big company supporting them or any major company. All the people in jail will stay in jail until their sentence is over and will be on parole for how long they were in jail because they did bad thing they will be consequence no matter what they did. Also the people in the army when they come back will have an option depending how old they are when they leave…show more content…
The kids who are in school will have to at least stay in school until high school or they can still drop out at the age of 16 1/2 , they can get there permit at they same age everything that is dealt with teenager will be the same no matter what they think what they should get. I think car insurance should go down a little for teens because they are too high and most teens can not afford that so they do not get cars till later even though they want to drive. There should be more jobs out in the world because there is a lot of people with out jobs some because there is no jobs they can do because they job they want is already taken because there is no jobs for them to do, when people are in dept. they have a chance to pay when they want not when the irs want the money or need the money, and the homeless people have a chance to get a job that does not pay well but gives them a little money to go buy grocer’s and other things they
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