Exercise 1: Heirs to an Estate

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Exercise 1: HEIRS TO AN ESTATE Skill 2-1: Recognize that before next week’s meeting, preparation is critical to success, and usually includes identifying all tangible and intangible issues that will be of interest to all parties, and then prioritizing those issues, making sure to include some throwaway issues. What preparations do you need to make before the meeting? Preparation is first stage of negotiation process which starts with defining the key goals which means -what are the person’s expectations from the negotiation process? Also person involved in Negotiation process during preparation he should decide his or her BATNA- Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement. Identifying key issues in negotiation, setting priorities and…show more content…
Skill 2-2: Should you propose the three of you begin negotiation by adopting ground rules that address the “5 Ws”? Also consider the setting –where should you meet? Ground rules are the rules of conduct defined to resolve conflict in a process such as negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or consensus-building. Ground rules also made so that each party listed each other views carefully and they must treat each other with respect and Honor. Ground rules also defined about which topic should be discussed and which not (Ground rules are the rules of conduct…, n.d.). Adaptation of ground rules makes negotiation more effective and smooth. If at the later stages of negotiation something goes odd then we can point out on the ground rules that might me violated (A negotiation goes more smoothly if…, n.d.). Generally 5W’s of negation process defined as: Who: which means; who will speak on behalf of each party and how many people should be included in negotiation? What: which means; what kind of agreement should be made? Where: which means; where should party meet for negotiation? When: which means; defining day and time frame of each meeting. How will: which means; how the final proposal be made and issue be presented (Carrell, Heavrin, 2007). In my opinion we should start our negotiation by adopting ground rules that addresses 5W’s. These 5W’s will help us in answering lots of

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