Exercise 2: Personal Experiences

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Exercise Two
Exorcise # 2
I often seem to have experiences that are similar to others that I am talking to. It is always a struggle for me to not immediately tell the other person how similar we are. In our conversation about coming to seminary and where God is calling Josh next he talked about the influence his grandmother had on his choice. I immediately began to think about the influence that my grandfather had on me as I grew up. I fought down the desire to make comparisons between my story and his. The jarring moment for me came shortly after that in the conversation. Talking about whether to become a lay leader, licensed, Deacon or an Elder. He laid out the differences for me and stated that he felt God calling him toward a Deacon role. Though he was not sure he could follow that as it might cause him to have to move. Then stated that he was reluctant to move because his grandmother needs him. I
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We almost always chose to meet outside other than one time at my house. We sat at a more or less 45 degree angle to each other around a table. In reflecting back I remember fidgeting with my hands in the beginning of the conversation. I moved several leaves even pushing one between two boards onto the ground. I also recall turning and throwing a small something that I had found on the table, as well as flicking off a few ants that ventured onto the top. I did not think at the time that this was distracting and I did not notice anything in Josh as far as reaction to my movements. I know that as the conversation deepens I become more focused. I did not realize how distracting my movements could be until I started reflecting on this. I also remember leaning in a few times. These were conscious movements in an attempt to further show I was listening. I think if I could be more still so that I don’t appear distracted during the conversation that would better reflect my beliefs and
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