Exercise Affect Heart Rate

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The speed and distance of the run affects your heart rate reading, and how far you should run and be healthy about it (Heather Topham Wood 2015). To find out what your heart rate max should be for men she did 220 minus your age, and for women she subtract 88% of your age from 206. For instance, she said a 40- year- old man will have a maximum heart rate of 180, and a 40- year- old woman will have a maximum heart rate of 171. If you are new to exercise, she says, not to start running at 70 percent of higher of your maximum heart rate immediately. Long intervals of three to five minutes should be run at 95 percent of your max heart rate with short rest periods in- between. Short intervals of no more than 90 seconds can be ran at 100 percent of your max heart rate and should have long rest sessions (Topham Wood, 2015).…show more content…
Robinson)? Cardiovascular exercise involves the use of large muscles in a repetitive fashion, activating muscle fibers programmed for endurance and utilizing a heart rate range anywhere from 40 to 85 of your maximum heart rate, says Robinson. She says, when performing cardio, blood flow is directed toward working muscles and away from areas that aren’t doing much. There is increased blood flow, and blood volume returning to the heart. Chronic cardio training, our resting heart rate drops because each beat delivers a bigger burst of blood, and fewer beats are needed. She said it takes work off your heart and that why cardio exercise is recommended for heart health. Strength training exercise works the heart in a completely different way. At any given moment, certain muscles are contracting and relying predominantly on type two muscle fibers (Erica L. Robinson
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