Exercise And Fitness For My Project While At Home

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This summer my focus was adding exercise and fitness for my project while at home. I define exercise as doing an activity for at least thirty minutes; it can be walking, running, lifting weights, or hunting. Exercising at the beginning of summer made it much easier to be more active. For example, I was able to run longer distances and lift heavier weights than if I would have started exercising in the middle of summer. By the end of summer I was feeling much more accomplished than I would have if I had started later in the summer. When I arrived in Barrow ice blanketed the ocean. That prevented me from hunting in the ocean. I began my first job working at the health center in town as a health intern where I filed throughout the day. Filing became mundane over time and I observed that I would feel tired and lazy often during working hours. After work I would go to the gym every weekday for about an hour and a half. Usually, I would run a mile and then lift weights. On the weekends I would go to my second job and wait on people at a restaurant; I probably walked three miles by the time I was done. At the end of the week, I felt accomplished, in shape, awake, and stress free. Two months, into the summer, the ice began to open up. I started to go to the gym less and less. Work at the health center still consisted of filing and making power points that I felt was still inactive. However, I would play lacrosse about once a week for an hour and instead of lifting weights. I
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