Exercise And Metaphysics: The Aerobic Energy System

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Before the race an athlete’s heart rate would around 45 beats per minute, There will be no dramatic changes as the race wouldn’t have started yet and he would’ve only done a short warm up and stretches. The stroke volume will be the same as before because the left ventricle doesn’t need to pump any more blood round so the cardiac output will be the same as the muscles are not demanding as much oxygenated oblood. Your breathing pattern would not have changed as you are not doing any exercise, your cells don’t need any more oxygen as they are not doing any work, and your red blood cells don’t need to carry any more oxygen. His breathes per minute will be in the somewhere around 15. This will use the Aerobic energy system because they are not doing any intense exercise so no extra energy is needed as just normal breathing gives your body enough oxygen and energy. The body can deal with its own demand of oxygen, relating to the respiratory…show more content…
He will be breathing heavier and faster so he gets more oxygen in. This is so a process can take place called gaseous exchange. This is when you breathe oxygen in through the air into the left ventricle allowing the oxygenated blood to reach the muscles. His breaths per minute will increase to somewhere in the region of 30. The aerobic system would be used now, this is because the aerobic system produces the largest amounts of energy, although at the lowest intensity.
This system could switch suddenly if he was to perform a sprint finish. During this sprint finish he will be using the anaerobic system, this is due to him using no oxygen which leads to a build up a lactic acid.

After the race your heart rate will probably still be higher than what it was before the race but it will be lower than during the race and it will slowly decrease back down to the usual heart rate. Your stroke volume will be slowly decreasing back down to normal and so will your cardiac
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