Exercise And Training Program : The Weight Management And Bmi Questions

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1. HS 200: Pre-Requisite Test #1 Overall I got an 8.5% on this Pre-Req Test a. Strengths: I think my strengths were in the exercise and training program questions, the weight management and BMI questions, the questions on basic nutrition concepts, and some of exercise science vocabulary questions. Even though I took HS200 a few years ago it was a class I did well in. Also I took a few exercise science classes at my community college, and live an active lifestyle, so I think this helped me on this pre-req test b. Weaknesses: I wasn 't familiar with certain vocabulary words like “progressive overload”, and “resting metabolic rates”. I additionally need to review the American College of Sports Medicine’s guidelines on the components of fitness, stretching, and the overall recommendations. c. Specific Action Plan: In order to stay on track in this class I will need to be very familiar with the theories, vocabulary, guidelines, and overall information I learned in my HS200 class. To be successful and learn new and more difficult material I will refer back to my binder and notecards from HS2OO in order to refresh on this information. A study tool I used a lot during my Healthy Lifestyles class was a website called quizlet. It had pre-made flashcards and activities that helped me master the new information, I will be using this website again. Many of the concepts learn in Healthy Lifestyles is the base of my other public health classes, by returning to these it will help me not
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