Exercise At The University Of Hawaii Gym

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At the University of Hawaii gym students walk in and out of the big and tall structure at around 3:30 to 4:00 pm in the afternoon. As the seconds go by I see the UH student’s expression, movement, mood, and intensity as they exercise. Ranging from the basketball court where students are running up and down the court, talking, jumping, shooting, and making eye contact to their teammates. As the students perform resistance exercises (weight lifting), I see various individuals taking deep rhythmic breathes with their chin up, making sure their is back always straight as sweat forms on their face and veins pop out of their neck, while performing slow and steady movements that work on one muscle group at a time. Cardio exercises (running on treadmill or track, stair-master) requires whole body movement as it pushes the heart to beat faster and faster to built up an individual’s endurance and fatigue resistance, resulting in the most sweat dripping down a persons face while bending over with hands on their hip, and heavy breathing. How does exercise effect a person’s mood and perspective of themselves? What motivates or pushes an individual to exercise? How does exercise improve a person’s outlook on their life and themselves individually? How can exercise be psychologically & physically beneficial for an individual’s health? I am interested in this topic because I am really interested in sports and the whole concept of how our body functions anatomically and physiologically as we

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