Exercise Body Systems ( M. Hughes

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The human body is a complex machine, with many parts working by themselves or with other parts to perform specific functions. Every day activities are essential to our lives ensuring a good quality of life for example doing things like exercising, eating, breathing and even feeling emotions such as stress. These everyday activities are all governed by our bodies, it controls what and how we do things.
The cardiovascular system is made up of the heart, blood vessels and the blood, this enables to body to respond to exercise. When exercising there will be an increasing muscle contraction, increased body temperature, and heart rate and increase in breathing rate. As the body gets used to regular exercise, there will be more positive effects for example larger hearts, denser bones and having an ability to breathe deeply. http://www.livestrong.com/article/123164-effects-exercise-body-systems/ (M. Hughes 2011 accessed 11/11/14) The physiology response of physical exercise on the cardiovascular system is increased strength of heart muscle, increase in cardiac output, increased heart rate and stroke volume, a lower resting pulse rate, a heightened ability to recover after exercise or physical work, a decreased likelihood of developing heart disease. The heart is a vital muscle within the body, leading an active life means the heart has the chance to get stronger and healthier. An individual’s resting heart rate would give them an idea of their level of…
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